Need a change? Learn to program.

UpLeveled offers mentored coding education in immersive and flexible formats. Get ready to launch a career in IT, speak tech fluently, or bootstrap your own business! 🚀
Our extensive Full Stack Web Development program will teach you in-demand web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Next.js and PostgreSQL.

Why coding?

Today's business world - corporate and entrepreneurial alike - is shaped by digitalization with software being the foundation of every new process, service and product. While this opens amazing opportunities, it also requires a totally new set of skills to seize them, leaving more than 50% of the worlds work force with a need for re-education.
Now here's the good news
We believe that learning to code is within your grasp. You bring the motivation and energy, and we will guide and mentor you to reach your personal best, building on the your unique, individual strengths.
Bring business ideas to life, work remotely or flexible hours, and choose between a range of different job profiles and career paths.
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Become a Developer

Our hands-on Web Development course will not only teach you cutting-edge technologies - the immersive experience also teaches you the skills to build great web products and prepares you for a wide range of roles in tech companies.
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Discover our courses.

Whether you are looking to change careers or improve your collaboration with developers in your existing role, UpLeveled has you covered

Web Development

  • Full time or part time
  • Extensive full stack course
  • Become a developer

Tech Fundamentals

  • Part time
  • Intro to range of topics
  • Upskill digital literacy

Why UpLeveled?

Our courses will help you achieve your personal goals, whether that is to program or work better with programmers in your existing job. After the course, we will also guide you further on your career path.

Personal & Hands-on

Our curricula cover a broad range of topics, designed to get you to the next level, with or without previous knowledge

State of the Art Technologies

You will learn a pragmatic selection of modern technologies in use today, including React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Node.js

Support & Mentoring

We will be there when you need us, with support in career planning, job search and mentorship.

Meet your teachers.

UpLeveled teachers include world-class educators and community members who will give you an edge during your learning journey.
Young white man with brown hair and short beard, leaning back in chair smiling, work setup with screens and code in the background
An Austrian-Canadian programmer with over 15 years experience in the industry, Karl has worked with international companies of many sizes, in capacities ranging from architect to sole developer.
Experienced developers and beginners alike value his presentation and mentorship skills at hackathons, conferences and workshops.

Fun Fact

Karl studied visual art in Canada including drawing, painting and sculpture.
White woman with long hair, wearing glasses and a black shirt talks into a microphone
With 20 years of experience in business and product management within the IT industry, Antje has collaborated closely with development and research teams.
As a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, she will guide you through typical industry workflows, best practices, and job market insights essential for success.

Fun Fact

Although not particularly pain-tolerant, Antje is an avid enthusiast of various types of martial arts and spicy ramen.
Young white man in his thirties, with longer brown hair and a short dark beard, smiling
After balancing studies and various office and non-office jobs, Lukas returned to programming to finally pursue a passion first sparked in school.
Joining UpLeveled as a web developer, he's not only a prime example of the many successful career changers but also perfectly suited to guide you through your own coding journey.

Fun Fact

Lukas learned Borland Pascal and Visual Basic in school, which made him go back to coding again later in life.
Black man with short dreads in hooded sweatshirt smiles in front of alpine mountain
Victor studied applied biology in Nigeria before moving to Austria in 2015. He has a professional background in social media management and transitioned to web development from there.
Aside from being a web developer with UpLeveled, his true passion lies in mentoring and guiding students to achieve their goals.

Fun Fact

When not coding, Victor enjoys spending quality time with his family, enjoys fitness, or relaxing with a bowl of nuts.
Young woman with long brown hair and glasses speaking on stage of ux conference
For the last ten years, Natalie has been working at the intersection of technology and design, gaining experience in both the startup ecosystem and within IT corporations. She is currently the Design Ops Lead at George Labs, part of Erste Bank.
In addition to her role as a designer, Natalie is passionate about contributing to the design community. She organizes the George UX Conf, speaks at various events, and mentors junior designers.

Fun Fact

Natalie has an NFC chip implanted in her left hand, making her practically a cyborg!

Meet our graduates.

Nina B.
Karl from UpLeveled has provided me with invaluable mentorship as I navigate a career transition from graphic design to front-end development. He is a talented developer with a relevant, current outlook on the industry and this has made his mentorship especially invaluable.
Kaitlin R.
After deciding to switch careers and become a programmer I turned to Karl from UpLeveled to lead the way. He taught me everything from the basics to complex design patterns and even how to work in a team and handle feedback. He's a wonderful teacher and amazing mentor!
Thomas H.
The UpLeveled course that I attended was exceptional and I highly recommend it for others interested in coding. Karl is a superb teacher with the ability to explain complex issues in a way that is both understandable and easy to absorb.

Check out our outcomes.

UpLeveled focuses on your success from day one, with an ever-expanding network of employers and an inclusive learning environment
Graduates hired in < 8 weeks
Employers on our Fusion matching platform
Women / Men Gender Balance

Meet our Partners.

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