Need a change? Learn to program.

UpLeveled is an in person coding bootcamp based in Vienna, Austria. Get ready to launch a career in tech or bootstrap your own business! 🚀
Our immersive 12-week web development course will teach you in-demand web technologies like HTML/CSS/JavaScript, React, Node.js, GraphQL and Databases.
We know that not everyone is the same!
Our hands-on methodology is designed to work with and build upon your individual, unique strengths to give you the best profile possible.

Why coding?

Today's business world - corporate and entrepreneurial alike - is shaped by digitalization with software being the foundation of every new process, service and product. While this opens amazing opportunities, it also requires a totally new set of skills to seize them, leaving more than 50% of the worlds work force with a need for re-education.
Now here's the good news
Coding is easier to learn than one might think. Teaching methods, tools and approaches have come a long way the past years and have turned the learning experience into an interactive, communicative journey of creating, problem solving, rewards and team work.
What's more, coding comes with a lot of benefits: from bringing business ideas to life and flexible working hours to a multitude of different job profiles and career paths.
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Become a Developer in 3 Months

Our hands-on Web Development Bootcamp will not only teach you cutting-edge technologies – the 12-week immersive experience also teaches you the skills to build great web products and prepares you for a multitude of roles in tech companies.
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Eligible for educational leave

Why UpLeveled?

Our 12-week bootcamp will teach you everything you need to know to create great tech products. And if you like we will be happy to guide you even further on your path as a developer.

Personal & Hands-on

Our curriculum is a true fullstack program and designed to get you to an employable level, with or without previous knowledge

State of the Art Technologies

You will learn a pragmatic selection of modern technologies in use today, including React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Node.js

Support & Mentoring

We will be there when you need us. With career planning, job search, community support and coaching.

Meet your teachers.

UpLeveled teachers include world-class educators and community members who will give you an edge during your learning journey.
An Austrian-Canadian programmer with over 15 years experience in the industry, Karl has worked with international companies of many sizes, in capacities ranging from architect to sole developer.
Experienced developers and beginners alike value his presentation and mentorship skills at hackathons, conferences and workshops.

Fun Fact

Karl studied visual art in Canada including drawing, painting and sculpture.

Meet our graduates.

Nina B.
“Karl from UpLeveled has provided me with invaluable mentorship as I navigate a career transition from graphic design to front-end development. He is a talented developer with a relevant, current outlook on the industry and this has made his mentorship especially invaluable.”

Check out our outcomes.

UpLeveled focuses on your success from day one, with an ever-expanding network of employers and an inclusive learning environment
Graduates hired in < 8 weeks
Employers join our graduation events
Women / Men Gender Balance

Meet our Partners.

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