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Access to developers is a bigger threat to
business success than access to capital
(* - The Developer Coefficient)

The lack of specialists in Tech is evergrowing and fueled by an increasing pace of digitalization. But although demand for Senior Software Engineers is at an all-time high, they aren’t utilized in the most impactful way.

UpLeveled educates highly motivated Professionals in a cutting edge Tech Stack to provide in-demand candidates and help companies boost their team productivity.

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The skills shortage in Tech is self-imposed

"Companies complain about the shortage of skilled workers, but do not draw the necessary conclusions: Employer branding and employer attractiveness are not enough if the desired employees are not available in sufficient numbers in the first place."

(Deloitte Austria 2019)

UpLeveled provides skilled developers to move your business forward

UpLeveled Developers

Our Program covers an in-demand Tech Stack, built on top of our candidates’ existing work experience in fields like Project Management, Research or Marketing.
Combining these skill sets generates ideal profiles for a multitude of roles
in development and interface positions.

Tech Stack

Our curriculum covers both frontend and backend, incl. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, React, Next.js & more. In addition we focus on building strong problem solving techniques and a continuous learning mindset.

Practical Experience &
Soft Skills

We make sure to support the individual strength of our students to get the most out of their existing skills and work experience. Practical exercises start with day one of the program and grow into fully self-organized projects throughout the course.
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Best Practices &

From Scrum meetings and Agile Project Management, automated Testing and Quality Assurance to version control using Git - our syllabus covers relevant tools and best practices to prepare our graduates for a smooth and fast job entry.


From hiring our Graduates or up-skilling your existing employees to optimizing ramp-up processes using our mentoring services:
Save costs for recruiting, training and onboarding while relieving your senior team members.

Finding experienced tech staff can be challenging and expensive. The longer a positions stays vacant, the higher the costs and the heavier the workload on the remaining team. Lost business opportunities not counted. UpLeveled provides skilled talents with exceptional motivation and learning abilities to work on projects from day one or support your experts. Because it’s not only how many senior engineers a company has; it’s how their talent is being utilized.

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