Web Development

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Become a professional Web Developer and
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Start September 6th, 2024
Application Deadline beginning of August 2024
Duration 12 weeks (+4 weeks online preparation)
Times 5 days/week, 9am - 6pm
Group 15 seats (in-person, hybrid or remote)
Price 9.990€ (payment plans and funding options available)
Program Fullstack (Frontend & Backend)
Technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Next.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, GitHub and many more
Experience no upfront coding knowledge needed

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Work as

Professional Developer
Professional with Coding Experience

Be able to

Build great websites & applications
Think like a programmer
Communicate with web developers
Work in a team of programmers

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

(Wayne Gretzky)
We know that a career transition is a tough step to take. But we believe this journey is worth it. Our dynamic curriculum and hands-on structure will not only teach you cutting edge technologies – the UpLeveled immersive bootcamp prepares you for a multitude of roles in tech companies and gives you the skills to build products for your own business.

What will you learn?

Our state-of-the-art curriculum guides you through JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, React and all the computer science fundamentals you need to become an expert developer.
We want you to be comfortable with the popular developer tools you will encounter in the real world. That‘s why we will use tools like the command line, GitHub, VS Code and many more right from the start.
Best Practices
In programming, you are never alone and always learning. You will be part of a community, experience team work using current workflows and learn how to keep up to date with the latest technologies.

How to get there

We designed an immersive and hands-on syllabus to teach you the mindset of coding and gain practical experience. You will create your own impressive portfolio
and together we will define your roadmap.
Scheme showing the educational process from preparation to learning the fundamentals to building projects and eventually to graduation

Get to know us

Antje and Karl sitting on stairs laughing
We believe in your power to start something new.
At UpLeveled, we always keep an eye on the latest developments while making sure what you learn is relevant today.
That is why our teachers are not only world-class educators and community members but also excellent in explaining complex matters.
Together we will identify your goals and focus on your learning journey to guide you from the classroom to a new career level.


Why bootcamps? The educational model of bootcamps is already widely established in other countries because participants and employers love the focus on the development of practical skills and the use of industry best-practices. Plus: the condensed format puts you in the game fast – with excellent skills and without having to cover long periods without salary.
In-person or remote? Following all relevant Covid hygiene regulations we always try to provide as much of an in-person experience as possible. Independent from safety considerations you are always free to join remotely.
Do I need upfront knowledge? Our curriculum is designed to take you from “no experience at all” to “I’m a developer”. All you need is to understand that coding comes with life-long-learning – even for the experts, and to be honest: That’s half the fun.
Will the course be in English? Course material and resources will be in English. Our Instructors speak English and German and will give explanations in the language you prefer.

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