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The Graduates of our Fullstack Web Development program have added JavaScript, React, Node.js, PostgreSQL and many other technologies to their existing strengths, thus creating unique skill combinations.

Are you looking for highly motivated Web Developers? Would you like to hire experienced Project Managers with coding skills to boost your team efficiency? Are you just curious to see who's graduating from our program?

Check out the inspiring stories of our UpLeveled Alumni below or see who's available for work

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Alumni Success Stories

Alena Hasslacher

Company logo Geizhals
from Airport Staff to Frontend Developer

Working at the airport when Covid hit, Alena decided to take a leap into web development. Only 5 months later she started a full-time position as a frontend developer in Vienna.

Alena coding at her laptop wearing an UpLeveled shirt

Alexander Scherer

Company logo fiskaly
from Sales Manager to Software Developer

Alex had been in Sales for web applications and had always wanted to contribute to creating them. Joining UpLeveled revealed his true strengths and equipped him with all the skills to get started.

Portrait picture of Alex

Christopher Wattaul

Company logo fiskaly
from Nurse to Frontend Developer

After more than 10 years in the health care sector Christopher was longing for more options to grow and for being more creative. His talent for frontend designs proves that this was the right decision.

Chris cutting cucumbers

Emese Kiss

Company logo Sportradar
from Social Work to Backend Development

With a human resources background and work experience in social work and kindergardens, Emi struggled to find a job in AT that did not require native German. But her coding skills are highly in-demand.

Portrait picture of Emese

Felix Hollmann

Company logo BRZ
from Law Graduate to Product Manager

What do you do if you love managing projects in teams but your (legal) background is rather limiting in this regard? Felix joined UpLeveled and became a Product Manager for applications at Bundesrechenzentrum!

Portait picture of Felix

Gabriela Sanchez

Logo Web und Söhne
from Industrial Engineer to Web Designer

Gaby had always loved logical tasks but was looking for a profession that would offer opportunities to let ideas become real and have some impact. Designing applications is excatly meeting those needs for her.

Gaby Sanchez with a microphone at Graduation Day, presenting her final project

Hamed Jenabi

Company logo Moonshiner
from Event Manager to Fullstack Developer

Being a musician, blues dance instructor and event manager, Hamed had been self-employed for years when a long-lost passion for coding kicked in again. Today, he only gets the blues after work.

Hamed celebrating graduation with some champagne

Hedwig Farthofer

Company logo Foex
from Librarian to APEX Developer

After focusing on her family for some years, Hedi decided that joining the workforce again would be the right time to up-skill and make her profile more appealing - from managing books to managing data.

Hedwig wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

James Sheppard

company logo Avisio
from Philosophy to Frontend Development

James studied philosophy and loves discussing human behaviour patterns. Not related to coding? Of course it is! Highly relevant for ethics in tech and an awesome way to combine his interests.

Portrait picture of James

Jenna Koelbl

company logo wild
from Dance Instructor to Project Manager

As a Dance Instructor and Event Coordinator while running her own business, Jenna was used to handling multiple projects. Covid called for a change and all she needed were some tech skills to kick off.

Jenna in a green dress and a top hat

Julia Kaltenegger

Company logo Juelka
from Finance to Founder

Julia had always wanted to make use of her creativity, communicative skills and her visual eye. She founded her own business after graduating and now uses her strengths to create value for her clients.

Portrait picture of Julia

Paul Schnetzer

Company logo atwork
from HR to Software Development

Working in Human Resources for IT positions, Paul got some first hand experience of the benefits of being a developer on a daily basis. What’s holding me back from switching? Nothing! New career, who dis?

Portrait picture of Paul

Rhaisa Alves

Company logo BD
from Health Care QA to Software QA

Rhaisa was responsible for Quality Assurance processes in hospitals in Brazil but needed to start again from zero when coming to Austria. Coding was her ticket into a new career - using her existing skills.

Rhaisa laughing on a sofa while coding

Sara Burgin

Company logo Credi2
from Event Manager to Frontend Developer

Sara was asked by her sister to create a website for the family business and ended up enjoying that task more than her day job in Event Marketing. Today she’s combining passion and work.

black and white picture of Sara

Xiaomin Zhu

Company logo Moonshiner
from Store Manager to Frontend Developer

From professional Oboe player to Assistant Store Manager, Mini has had quite some career already but found a new passion and lots of room for creativity in developing web applications for clients.

Portrait picture of Mini

Recent Graduates

Learn more about our most recent graduates:
Check out their profiles - a video of them presenting their final projects will follow soon!

Andrea with long brown hair, looking upwards and laughingAndrea Wöger
Anja with long light brown hair and a red dress smiling at the cameraAnja Vojta
Ines with long dark blonde hair and glasses, standing in front of a deep blue wallInes Part
Jakob has brown hair and smiles at the camera, wearing a white shirt and a blue suitJakob Steininger
drone picture of Jànos wearing an UpLeveled logo shirt and holding a drone remote control waving at the cameraJànos Spanyol
Michaela has bright pink hair, wearing glasses and a green shirtMichaela Heyer
Open to Work
A mix of 6 different zoom screenshots all showing Nicolas attending a remote sessionNicolas Gadner
Close-up of Olga smiling directly at the camera sporting brown hair and a long fringeOlga Verciuc
Vala is wearing glasses and a dark beard, standing next to a window, smiling at the cameraVala Arefi
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