Update about the COVID-19 Coronavirus
In these exceptional circumstances, our courses continue to run, albeit in a modified form: In-person seats have been arranged in accordance with local regulations in Austria, and all lecturers and students always have the option to connect remotely (lectures are live streamed and recorded).

Data Science
Evening Course

Enter the world of Data Science and Machine Learning with a hands-on and intensive part-time program.

This course will teach you everything you need to understand, analyze and manage Data Science projects. From fundamental concepts and practical coding experience, to Data Analysis and Visualization, to key Machine Learning algorithms and process design.

Start 17th of October 2022
Application Deadline October 2022
Duration 8 weeks
Times Mon & Wed, 5.30pm - 8.30pm
Group 15 seats (in-person or remote)
Price 3.990€ (incl. tax)
Topics Fundamentals of Data Science, AI and Machine Learning concepts and methods. Python programming and Jupyter Notebook basics focused on Data Science libraries and applications. Practical implementation of common business cases. Design thinking approaches in Data Science projects.
Experience no upfront knowledge needed

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From Python coding
to Design Thinking

week 1-3
Basics of
Python programming

By the end of this module, you will have learned the fundamentals of Python programming that focus on the field of data science. You will be able to gather and collect data from different sources and in different formats, analyse, clean and preprocess the data to prepare it for machine learning applications and visualize the data for business users, using key Python libraries and tools like Jupyter Notebook.

week 4-5
Fundamentals of
Data Science & AI

In this module we will introduce you to the fields of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Using different concepts of supervised and un-supervised learning, you will understand how the different models and methods operate, how they are implemented and which problems they solve. We will work on real life business cases like linear regression for prediction or classification for categorization.

week 6-7
Process implementation

Bring the action! You will now implement examples of typical Machine Learning applications using high-impact Data Science business cases. You will learn how to collect, prepare, pre-process and engineer the data, how to train and test the data, how to experiment with different algorithms and how to decide which algorithm to apply.

week 8
Practical application of
Design Thinking

Let's apply Design Thinking methodologies and project management best practices. We will reflect and summarize all the key learnings from the program and apply them to your own project or initiative. We will assess how to analyse, select and prioritize opportunities in the data science field and how to setup and scope project objectives.

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This evening program is specifically designed for anyone who needs to bridge the gap between project planning and tech when it comes to Data Science opportunities.
Are you working in Marketing and are you sick of Excel for large data sets? Are you a coordinator in an IT environment who should identify and steer Data Science initiatives for the company? Or would you like to visualize research data and learn the coding fundamentals to do so?
We've got you covered through interactive lectures, expert trainers and hands-on exercises; in-person or remote.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

Read and write Python code focused on Data Science applications
Understand the concepts, structure and best practices of Data Science projects
Perform Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) to collect, analyse, clean and pre-process data using Python
Visualize data by generating data charts and using the matplotlib framework
Learn and apply key Machine Learning algorithms such as prediction, recommendation and sentiment analysis
Evaluate, scope and support Data Science projects and the presentation of their results
Initiate, identify and lead Data Science projects in your company or field of study


Will I become a Data Scientist? You will become a Business Data Scientist, who is able to understand Data Science and Machine Learning fundamentals to identify, evaluate, lead and support Data Science projects in a business or research context. Data engineering or the development of ML & AI models needs a deeper understanding and training (to which this program can serve as a kick-start).
In-person or remote? Following all relevant Covid hygiene regulations we always try to provide as much of an in-person experience as possible. Independent from safety considerations you are always free to join remotely.
Will the course be in English? Yes, the course and all resources will be in English. Our instructors speak English and German.
What if I miss a session? You can re-watch our session recordings and will have access to all resources and exercises on our UpLeveled Learning Platform - even after the course has finished.

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